Hunger & Thirst Presents: “Pericles: Born In A Tempest”

Hunger and Thirst Theatre - Pericles_Born In A Tempest - PosterWhat It Is:

Pericles: Born In A Tempest, produced by Hunger & Thirst Theatre with The Guerilla Shakespeare Project at the West End Theater on the Upper West Side, is an approachable and fast-paced re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Pericles, now playing until November 18th.

Relying on a tight ensemble of storytellers, and a keen eye in adaptation by director Jordan Reeves, this production breathes life into one of the Bard’s lesser-known works, reinventing its historically clunky frame into a touching meta-narrative.

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Pericles: Born In a Tempest

Remaining performances:

Saturday, Nov 11 @ 8 PM
Sunday, Nov 12 @ 2 PM
Wednesday, Nov 15 @ 7 PM
Thursday, Nov 16 @ 7 PM
Friday, Nov 17 @ 8 PM
Saturday, Nov 18 @ 2 PM
Saturday, Nov 18 @ 8 PM
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