Dzieci Theatre presents: “Makbet”

Dzieci Theatre Presents: "Makbet" - Photo by Geo Geller
Photo by Geo Geller

What It Is

Lesser than Macbeth and greater.” – First Witch

Thus the witches speak to the fated king-to-be, setting in motion the tragic betrayals of the plot. The quote also captures something about Dzieci Theatre‘s newest incarnation of Makbet, playing through October 8th at Sure We Can in Brooklyn: in their stripped-down version, minimally produced with only three principle performers backed by a chorus, the elemental truth of the Scottish Play is brought forth in a profound, vivid, and completely unexpected way.

Steeped in Eastern European folk and theatrical traditions, and set deep within a funky recycling and community center in Brooklyn, the Dzieci ensemble transforms into a riotous band of storytellers who welcome you around a fire, and then lead you through the depths of human nature via an abridged version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, staged entirely within a shipping container.

The company follows “Rules of Engagement” for Makbet, which serve as a template for endless unique iterations conjured by the airtight ensemble:

  1. Actors must know the entire text
  2. Actors may not play the same role in successive sequences
  3. Roles can be taken or given, embraced or refused
  4. Three actors alone will play the principle roles
  5. We begin and end in ceremony
  6. Nothing else is planned

Each rule is carefully crafted, and their combined success is something to behold. Read on to find out more!

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Thurs-Sat @ 7pm, Sun @ 4pm
Sure We Can
219 McKibbin St
Brooklyn, NY 11206

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