UglyRhino Presents: “Okay” by Taylor Mac

UglyRhino Presents: "Okay" by Taylor Mac @ Central Arts
UglyRhino Presents: “Okay” by Taylor Mac @ Central Arts

What It Is

If you set out to the multi-purpose Central Arts space in Bushwick, Brooklyn, you may find yourself transported to a suburban prom circa 2003 for the duration of your visit, before and after the production of Taylor Mac’s “Okay”, now playing through May 28th, by UglyRhino Productions. The arena stage is ringed by seating, a DJ booth pumping early-Aughts beats all night, and a bar with beer, wine, and cocktails — including a spiked punch.

The intimate arrangement brings the audience inside a high school bathroom, where all the action swirls around one girl’s stall as she deals with the oncoming birth of her baby at prom. Originally conceived and performed by Mac as a solo piece, UglyRhino has created an expanded vision of the world with tight direction, impressive design, and a solid ensemble of performers.

It’s a social affair, so consider arriving early for a drink, or staying after — you might need one.

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