Recent Cutbacks presents: “KEVIN!!!!!”

Recent Cutbacks Presents: KEVIN!!!!!
Recent Cutbacks Presents: KEVIN!!!!!

What It Is

Recent Cutbacks, acclaimed for their signature stripped down style of theatrical movie parodies, returns to The PIT with their third and most ambitious show to date, KEVIN!!!!!, a multimedia send-up of perennial holiday classic Home Alone. Playing through January 7th at The PIT, KEVIN!!!! combines puppetry, live projection, a four-part choir, and the free-wheeling ensemble spectacle we’ve come to expect from Recent Cutbacks in a majorly satisfying hour-long show.

And in case you missed their previous shows, they’re offering one-night-only reprises of both Hold Onto Your Butts and Fly, You Fools! as a part of two double-feature evenings, listed below. Both classics are highly recommended — you can even read this blog’s very first review, of Fly, You Fools!, if you need any more convincing!

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Remaining performances:

Friday, December 30 @8pm
Thursday, January 5 @8pm
   (followed by Fly, You Fools! @ 9:30pm)
Friday, January 6 @7pm
   (followed by Hold Onto Your Butts @ 8pm
Saturday, January 7 @9:30pm

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Recent Cutbacks presents: “Fly, You Fools!”

"Fly, You Fools!" by Recent Cutbacks, @ The People's Improv Theater
“Fly, You Fools!” by Recent Cutbacks, @ The People’s Improv Theater

What It Is

Given just a one-line description of Recent Cutbacks’ “Fly, You Fools!”, currently extended through July at The People’s Improv Theater, it feels like a bit of a joke: a nearly shot-for-shot parody of The Fellowship of the Ring starring just three actors and a Foley sound artist, sending up the first installment of Peter Jackson’s historic The Lord of The Rings trilogy in about an hour-and-a-half.

And after all, it’s being produced at one of the preeminent comedy centers in NYC, which until recently hasn’t necessarily been known as a breeding ground for traditional theater. But this show, along with some of the other recent offerings at The PIT, should challenge that assumption pretty directly.

Running at The PIT through July, “Fly, You Fools!” will also include limited run / double-feature presentations of Recent Cutbacks’ original production, “Hold On To Your Butts” on 6/28 & 7/12. 

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