TiG Short Play Series #1: SHOTZ!

The TiG Short Play Series is an effort to cover the various festivals, showcases, and groups producing short form theater in NYC, to highlight the many artists and producing models at work in independent theater. To learn more, click here for the introduction to the series.


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What It Is

Produced by AMIOS Theater since 2009, SHOTZ! is an ongoing short play series that produces six original short plays on the first Monday of most months of the year, now at the Kraine Theater in the East Village. Unified by three conditions along a theme, all six plays are conceived, written, and staged in the month prior.

Founded by graduates of the now-defunct National Theatre Conservatory in Denver, SHOTZ! has grown into a roiling nebula of theater-makers, from fresh-faced artists coming up, to grizzled vets between stints on larger stages and screens. The short plays live up to the name, rarely running too long, delivering hour-long sample platters of theater at 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM showings. A highly advertised “free beer!” and post-show discount at the neighboring Gray Mare bar / restaurant make the $13 ticket ($15 at the door) a pretty solid starting place for a night out, even with the grab-bag nature of this “theatrical pressure cooker.”

Over the last few seasons, AMIOS has been expanding earlier SHOTZ! plays into a full-length reading series called — in keeping with the boozy convention — “First Draughts”. Winter 2018 will bring the first full production of one of these expanded scripts with Lizzie Vieh’s The Loneliest Number, to be directed by Maria Dizzia.

Next Show:

Ghosts of Shotz Past!
December 4th, 7 & 8:30 PM
85 E. 4th St. NYC
$13 in Advance/$15 at the Door
Tickets | Facebook | Website

Keep reading for our impressions of the most recent show, and details about what’s coming up next!

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Introducing: The TiG Short Play Series!

Introducing: The TiG Short Play Series!

As any theater artist can tell you, short form theater is generally a mixed bag. I recall a conversation with a playwright who scoffed at the idea of setting out to write a 10-minute script; useful for students, they contended, but pointless for a real writer. But the form endures beyond the amateur, so there must be something of value — after all, the popularity of short films and stories, flash fiction and meme culture, speaks to the impact of efficient storytelling. A pointless short play, indeed, is the failure of the playwright.

Beyond the form’s potential itself, the abundant short play festivals in New York and elsewhere have become hubs of independent theater creation and community. Generally billed as affordable and accessible theater options, these showcases provide countless opportunities for up-and-comers to hone their crafts, be produced, and meet other artists. And the grey area around “short play / skit / sketch” sends the form sprawling into disparate performance arenas, with varying degrees of seriousness.

Beginning this week, we at Theater is Good will be embarking on a year-long mission to cover the various festivals and showcases of short form theater, and collecting an overview here. In addition to shining a light on the many artists involved, we hope to provide an overview of the various producing and curation models the festivals use, to help audiences find what interests them, and let aspiring producers know what’s out there.

Festivals, showcases, and groups on our radar include: Samuel French OOB Short Play Festival, EST / Youngblood Brunch, UCB Maude Night, Red Bull Short New Play Festival, #serials, NY Neo-Futurists’ Infinite Wrench, 1MPF, NY Madness, SHOTZ!, Love Drunk, 7×7, Spring Fling, Our Bar, TinyRhino, and LiveWire — if you don’t see your festival or series here, let us know at TheaterIsGood@gmail.com, and we’ll do our best to work you into the season!

– The Editor