TiG Spotlight: The Where Project

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In addition to reviews and essays about theatrical productions, Theater Is Good is embarking upon a quest to cover the array of developmental, festival, and non-traditional work that happens in the broader theater scene. So much important work and creativity goes on at other kinds of events, with so many worthy organizations empowering and connecting artists, but they don’t seem to get nearly the attention of production runs. The Theater Is Good (TiG) Spotlight is here to shine a light on this truly valuable work!

The Group Lab presents: The Where ProjectThe Where Project

presented by The Group Lab

At the heart of almost all great theater — all great media, perhaps — is a well-told story. There are exceptions that prove the rule, but in the end, in some way, it’s all about the meaningful journey or lessons of a story. Not the plot, to be clear, which is a series of events — a plot won’t take our hand, show us around the world a little bit, and then leave us alone in the supermarket. But a story will.

The art of storytelling grows ever more complex with the technical opportunities of the stage and screen. It has become thrilling to pare it back, subversive in its simplicity, and leave a lone performer the noble task: “Tell us a story.” Synthesizing, becoming all the strategies and skill that make stories work across media, a good performer can make you feel what it was to be ancient, and to need oral stories the way you needed the next hunt.

The Where Project, presented by The Group Lab, has grown to be such a gathering, bringing together various storytellers in a two-act presentation framed by the questions, “Where are you from?” and “Where are you going?” These are prompts for stories we’d find in a circle of newly acquainted friends, and the Lab inspires this atmosphere throughout their events. There’s time to grab a drink and chat, while the company loosely MCs the evening.

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